Building brands is my passion. Having spent the majority of my career working with global giants like NIVEA, Labello, Gillette, Olay, Oral B and more, I have found that marketing is the beating heart that keeps brands alive.

While corporate marketing is exciting and dynamic, the last two years of running my own startup have shown me that marketing truly makes the difference with small companies and brands that are evolving daily and finding their voices. Many believe that marketing is an expensive luxury reserved for larger companies, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone can successfully market their brand.

This blog will cover international and regional Middle Eastern marketing news, campaign analysis, and most importantly I aim to use the combination of my multinational and startup experiences to put forward easily applicable marketing strategies and tactics for small businesses. Marketing is not beyond the reach of any business owner and is imperative for growing a company. A team of awesome contributing writers with specific industry expertise will also provide some fantastic content to help you promote your business in the best way possible!

So enjoy the blog and let’s chat about your business! I look forward to hearing your stories and helping your businesses overcome any marketing struggles they may be facing. It all starts with a little spark, and together we can find the spark that will ignite your brand’s flames.

Maya Itani

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