Why Meat Co.’s Bathroom Signs Matter (and Yours Do Too)

2015-12-26 18.09.38

I don’t really expect article ideas to hit me while in restaurant bathrooms, but last week that’s exactly what happened at Meat Co. Madinat Jumeirah. The upscale South African steakhouse is hugely popular in the UAE and has firmly secured its place in the food scene and established its reputation as a high quality dining option.

Everything about the restaurant reflects the sleek brand positioning it wants to portray. The serviettes are pristine, the cutlery is heavy, and the decor is premium. There’s no mistaking how Meat Co. wants to be perceived.

Even the bathrooms don’t betray the brand. Everything from the sinks to the towels continues the experience for customers.  Even the signs. Yes, even the signs that tell you to not throw paper in the toilet echo the lux positioning. The laminated paper signs that we see stuck up on so many restaurant bathroom walls always look like an afterthought, but there’s no mistaking that Meat Co.’s sign has been thoroughly thought about.

Instead of using paper, the restaurant has invested in metal signs painted in gold. By choosing to go this extra step that many businesses may feel is unnecessary, Meat Co. clearly signals to its diners that all details matter. Customers then unconsciously assume that this insistence on quality is also the standard to which the restaurant holds its food.

This is exactly the kind of simple act that is important not to overlook in your business. What may seem like a small detail can actually end up serving as another tool with which you can reinforce your brand’s positioning.


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