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du’s UAE National Day Ad Will Melt Your Heart

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I always feel a little warm and fuzzy around UAE national day. It has been home for nearly 9 years now and has provided me with fantastic opportunities and unrivalled comfort. I’m very thankful to live here.

Given I’m already a big softie around this time of the year (and every other day of the year, my husband would argue), it’s no surprise that I got a bit teary eyed at this wonderful ad from telecommunications provider du.

Titled #UAEisHome, the ad is a video summary of a campaign du conducted in various parts of Dubai in which the company placed virtual actors in high traffic areas to interact with people and provide mini lessons about UAE culture. The result is heartwarming and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face on this cloudy day!


2 thoughts on “du’s UAE National Day Ad Will Melt Your Heart

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