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Emirates Doesn’t Disappoint with its Aniston Ad

A few weeks ago we posted that Emirates had signed a deal with actress Jennifer Aniston for a major advertising campaign and brand ambassadorship. The Dubai based airline has just revealed the first piece of its campaign: a humorous YouTube video that shows a desperate Aniston trying to find various amenities on her flight such as a shower and in-flight lounge; both of which are available on the A380 first and business classes, respectively.

Jennifer Aniston Emirates

Screenshot 2015-10-05 11.48.46

As we predicted, the ad is an apparent dig at US airlines as the staff portrayed in this ad are wearing uniforms in the same colors as those of Delta and American Airlines staff. The video plays on Aniston’s comedic strength while showcasing Emirates’s superior features.

Jennifer Aniston Emirates Ad

I truly applaud the Emirates marketing team and agency for capitalizing on the Friends star’s approachability by using humor instead of the typical glamour of airline advertising. Judging by this first part of the campaign, I can already tell it will be far more memorable than Etihad’s elegant but predictable ad with Nicole Kidman and can’t wait to see more!

See the full video below:

Screenshots: Emirates |


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