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Lack of Consistency: The Brand Killer

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After 20 minutes on hold with the “quick delivery” messenger service, I hung up the phone and shook my head in dismay. How could this service claim to handle my delivery more efficiently than other services and yet they could not even attend to my phone call in a timely manner? There was no way I could believe their brand promises of swift delivery after that encounter.

Situations like this happen all the time with businesses. When we set the strategy for our brand, we spend a lot of time and effort crafting the perfect brand positioning statement to help shape its meaning. But what small businesses often overlook is how to translate the positioning statement throughout the company.

It is not enough to have a nice statement on paper that only you and your marketing team understand. Everyone who works for the company needs to live and breathe your brand positioning. They need to work tirelessly to fulfil the brand promises that you have made to your consumers.  Their actions need to reflect this positioning as well. If you have promised your customers quick service, this needs to apply to all services you provide including how you answer the phone, how you reply to queries, and how you execute the service.

It is also not enough for only your advertising to reflect your brand positioning.  If your product is portrayed as pristine and premium in your branding, your brick and mortar location should be the same. Dusty shelves, disorganized products, and disinterested sales staff are all off-putting for clients and damaging for sales.

Whatever you have chosen as your brand positioning, it needs to be inherently understood based on everything your company does. Staff training is essential, as every person who works for your company is a representation of the brand. While training, keep in mind that your team needs to understand why you chose this brand positioning for the company. They cannot immerse themselves into the brand you are aiming to create if they do not fully understand your vision is and why you are striving to achieve it.

If you are positioned as a friendly brand, everything about your brand should be friendly. If you are positioned as efficient, make sure the customer’s full experience is swift and productive. If you are positioned as serious and trustworthy, your receptionists shouldn’t be gossiping loudly as clients enter your office. Consistency is key with branding, and without it your desired brand image may remain nothing but words on paper.

How do you ensure brand consistency at your company?


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