5 Mistakes to Avoid on Facebook


Every day hundreds of thousands of brands worldwide engage with their consumers on Facebook as part of their communication strategy. Some are creating fantastic and tailored content, which others seem to be struggling to capitalize on the tool’s massive reach. Small businesses that don’t have the luxury of in house social media teams or external consultants tend to make a few common errors on the site that we notice day in and day out. Here are the top five to avoid when managing your Facebook page.

  1. Spelling mistakes: There is absolutely no excuse for this, and it makes your brand look lazy. Modern technology has made spelling ridiculously easy, but some errors do make it through the cracks (your vs. you’re for example) and they are the ones that flood Facebook. A tip I once received from a social media expert was to not post anything directly to Facebook but to save it in drafts, take a five minute break, then reread it with fresh eyes to catch any mistakes.
  1. Not replying to fan questions: If you post an image of your brunch menu, then provide nothing but radio silence when fans ask about your location, the brunch price, and the brunch timings then the entire post has served zero purpose. Not replying to fans on Facebook is the equivalent of not picking up the phone at your office reception. It’s rude, reflects badly on your brand, and is downright bad for business. If you choose to reply to fans in a private message instead of publicly on your page, it is best to still post a message publicly saying “Dear Sami, thanks for your query. We have sent you a private message and look forward to answering any other questions you may have.” This shows other fans that you have taken the time to respond to this poster.
  1. Lack of consistency: When you review your brand’s page, there should be regularity in your posts (daily, biweekly, weekly, etc) and rhyme and reason to what is being posted. The content should always be relevant to your business or to your audience. While cat videos are king on the internet, very few non-animal related businesses can get away with sharing them regularly on their pages. Don’t get sucked into the click game. The best way to get organized is to create a monthly content calendar, which is helpful for avoiding sporadic and theme-less posting.
  1. Repetition: Essentially the antithesis to the point above, having the same exact content on repeat will get extremely boring for your fans and will cause engagement rates to plummet. If you want to talk about your Friday brunch every week, find new ways to do so instead of posting the same exact text and pictures. Take fun photos of customers enjoying brunch, get testimonials from people that you can quote, ask for fan input on your menu – the options are endless and you will be reminding your audience about the brunch in fresh new ways.
  2. Promoting to irrelevant target audience: Facebook advertising can be an effective tool to increase your brand awareness and fan base. However, incorrect targeting of this advertising can cause your marketing dollars to burn out quickly with limited results. If you are going to pay to promote your page or products make sure the audience you direct your ads at is the right one.

What are some common mistakes you see brands make on Facebook? Leave your comments below! 


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