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Burger King Just Offered McDonald’s an Epic Olive Branch…and McD’s turned it down

The Burger King/McDonald’s rivalry is a battle of giants that has endured the years, but today the Home of the Whopper challenged McD’s to end the rivalry for one awesome day.

To help raise awareness for Peace One Day, the global initiative to institutionalize Peace Day on September 21, Burger King created an unbelievable proposal to McDonald’s to bury the hatchet for one day and come together to create the ultimate burger: The McWhopper. BK proposed that the two fast food titans shine a light on Peace One Day by taking “all the tastiest bits of [the] Big Mac and [the] Whopper” and uniting them in “one delicious, peace loving burger’ sold in one location for one day only.

Screenshot 2015-08-26 19.43.41


BK did all the homework. Packaging. Location. Uniforms. They thought of everything and equally represented both brands in all their designs. They even came up with the best tagline: “Let’s end the beef, with beef”.

The social media execution was perfect, and fans excitedly waited for McD’s reply. What was Ronald McDonald’s marketing team cooking up in their meeting rooms to match this crazy idea?

The worst response ever, that’s what.
Screenshot 2015-08-26 19.27.43

Oh McDonald’s, you really blew this one. Here comes Burger King with a clever, fun, and peace loving idea and you respond with a  stuffy, holier than thou message from your CEO? You have totally come off looking old fashioned, passive aggressive, and above all a little bit afraid that BK’s marketing team is better than yours.

People were not impressed.

Screenshot 2015-08-26 20.01.25

Screenshot 2015-08-26 20.01.12

Screenshot 2015-08-26 20.02.30

Screenshot 2015-08-26 19.56.12

Some were quick to point out BK could have approached this differently without cornering McD’s.

Screenshot 2015-08-26 20.01.53Screenshot 2015-08-26 20.06.19

Regardless, we’re still #TeamBK. Burger King, you win this round. And the internet.


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